LINACCHIII. I miss you too! ;n; What happened, why can't you see my tweets? D: It's okay swettie, still a month left for my bday~ Take care of yourself, okay? ♥

Thing is I’m in china and twitter is blocked but because I have the app I still get notifications when you tweet something but I can’t open them ;__; so many times where I wanted to reply but couldn’t! Also times where I thought of you and wanted to write to you but couldn’t TTuTT + I don’t have either photoshop or a scanner here so your birthday present will run late /—\ I’m so sorrry!!

Sorry I haven’t been on a lot and most of my posts are queues ;____; it is hard to be online with the slow internet here in China.

I hope I can find a place with better connection in the beginning of August else I’ll apologize for my lack of activity.

I’m already fighting with not being able to watch anime and being isolated from the entire world because everything is blocked here. I miss you guys and I miss watching anime. I miss lurking on twitter and talk to people! I feel like I’m being behind in life and everything I love at the moment. so I hope you guys will bear over with me.

Thank you!~