Dearest Izzycchi! Happy Happy Birthday! ♥ I’m not as skilled as you when it comes to themes, edits or gifs but I believe that I can do some things myself even if it just small things. In the beginning I was a bit unsure what to do or make for you but in the end the thing clearest in my mind was kuroko no basket and of course Aominecchi~ Aokise The only one who can give you present and wish you a happy birthday is you right? image

I’m not you, but I hope you will accept this anyway image just this once~! I hope you get a wonderful day with people dear to you! Even though I haven’t even known you for a year I still wish you the best and hope you all good in the future! I hope we will stay friends forever and I will be able to ask for your permission to wish you a happy birthday every year to come! ♥
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