It’s your birthday what do you choose to do?
► Stay at home
►Go to town

Stay at home
After a long day you decide to stay at home to celebrate your birthday. Though your family decided to visit your grandmother due to some problems occurred, so you are left all alone. The entire home it empty and you consider if you should call someone over but just when you are about yo grab your phone you hear the doorbell. Who could it be? You weren't waiting for anyone. You go to the door and when you open it you see a bright and lovely smile. You blush at the person because in front of you is Makoto standing holding up a cake with your favourite flavour. "I thought I would bake you a cake since it's your birthday" he said smiling. You let him in and you celebrated your birthday with Makoto the entire day just the two of you in your house.. and later also in your room. ♥ 
Go to town
You want to go to shopping because this game you have waited for has finally been released. You head straight to the game shop when you hear your phone ringing. You pick it up and hear a familiar calm and mature voice.  Where are you now? the voice asks you. It's Natsume! You blush hearing his voice and answer him. He tells you to stay where you are. After some time he arrives before you holding some kind of bag which definitely isn't his style. He avoids your gaze "please accept this" he says calm. He inhale before handing you the bag telling you it isn't something special but just a small present on the occasion of your birthday. You open the gift seeing it is the game you wanted! He ask if you have eaten and the two of you go to a nice restaurant where he later drives you home. Before he leaves you ask if he wants to have a cup of tea and eventually play the game with you. He ends up sleeping over and enjoy the night with you ♥

Dear Zeicchi, Firstly I want to apologize for being super creepy asking you how you look like and all. Especially when I know you won’t share your face online. I even asked you last year so I should have known, but I’m so sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable! I remembered from last year you sounded very excited about me making you a drawing which was my original plan, but I since I felt embarrassed to ask you for more information. Also because I used Allelujah last year I thought I would make you something different so have some Makoto and Natsume instead. I believe those two are your current loves. I’m sorry I’m not better at drawing or making graphic but I really really hope you like it even if it just a bit.

I hope you had a wonderful day with people you care for, cake and lots of present keke~ and I want to wish you a very Happy Birthday. Thank you for making my entire tumblr adventure amazing from the start. You were one of the first blogs to follow me and you were one of the first I followed. It has been a year and I’m so happy I can call you my friend even though I respect and admire you so much that your senpai level is so high that I would be a stone in the hierarchy. You are an big inspiration and have a heart of gold. Thank you so much and Happy Happy Birthday Zeicchi! You deserve the very best! ♥

PS. sorry for the long boring wall of text.

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